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Hi-Tech Solutions is your premier source for flat panel TV installation in Atlanta & many other cities across the United States.We will supply you with the best qualified technicians to handle your TV installation and make sure your install will last as long as your enjoyment for it. HTS Technicians have experience with all the latest TV technologies, including Plasma, LCD, LED and the new 3D TVs. We can handle the commercial client installations for sports bars, conference rooms, retail, digital signage and more, while also accommodating the residential client looking for a simple table top installation or a deluxe over the fireplace installation and everything in between. Contact HTS today for your professional TV Installation.

Hi-Tech Solutions is the preferred choice for professional home theater installation in Atlanta. We offer the best in audio/video design and installation whether your updating your speaker set or finally getting that custom theater you've always wanted for you and your family. HTS is based in Atlanta & offers services at a nationwide level with satellite offices and affiliates in your hometown. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best home theater system for you and your lifestyle. HTS technicians have the expertise in the field and the technical knowledge to allow for the greatest experience possible. We guarantee our labor for life, so we have taken the worry out of buying service from a company.You can have a look at our most popular home theater packages below, remember we can tailor any system to your home theater needs. Contact HTS today for your ultimate home theater experience.

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Hi-Tech Solutions provides the latest CCTV systems in Atlanta and many other cities across the United States, for the family wanting to monitor their residents while away or the business entity looking to prevent employee theft via remote surveillance. Unfortunately with today's world & the growing concern for personal, family or even business safety, we believe it is best to prepare @ a reasonable cost rather than  rolling the dice with the chance of incident taking place. We have made it more affordable then ever to own a professional CCTV system with installation from the leader in CCTV system design and installation. The supreme team at HTS will help you decide on the best CCTV application for your budget and needs. Browse through our pre-built systems & remember we can custom tailor a CCTV system to any budget or application. HTS is an Atlanta based company and also offers services in your home town.
 Contact HTS today for your Free on-site system consultation and analysis.

Hi-Tech Solutions is a family owned and operated company based in Atlanta GA, providing clients with reliable service in the metropolitan and state area. The dedicated team at HTS is here to help you realize your vision for your custom home theater or electronic needs.  Hi-Tech Solutions is also experienced in a variety of A/V and electronic services,including home theater, TV installations, CCTV camera systems, wireless networks, and more.
             Whether you have questions or you're ready to enjoy that home theater you've always wanted, Come to the pros at HTS.  Our team has over 50 years combined experience, so you can be assured that we have what it takes to help you make the best choice for you and your lifestyle.
         If you are having trouble with your complex home theater and can’t get the help you deserve from the other guys, call Hi-Tech Solutions.  If you are looking to start production on that custom home theater you’ve had your eye on, call Hi-Tech Solutions. Maybe you’re looking for a straight forward TV installation or wireless network set-up, Hi-Tech Solutions offers affordable and professional services.
         We also offer the perfect solution to ensure personal, family, and business safety.  CCTV provides peace of mind and is an invaluable defense to protect your home or business.  Hi-Tech Solutions is equipped to handle all your CCTV needs, from design to installation.
       Whatever your need may be, give us a call. We’re here to help with all your questions and projects of all shapes & sizes. Our personal and  friendly service, along with years of custom home theater and electronic expertise, guarantee the best solution for you.

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